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The Customised Facial (EOFY OFFER- Pack of 3 for the price of 2!)


About this Facial:

Designed to Educate, Slow down and Rejuvenate.
You will float out of this treatment feeling confident and empowered to take control of your skin goals.

Completely personalised to how you are feeling on the day, how your skin is presenting and how much you wish to learn. A thorough and grounding cleanse and exfoliation is performed, to allow for the chosen mask to work most potently.

Facial massage is incorporated to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage and layers of customised serums and moisturiser is applied to round out this rejuvenating and energising treatment.

We incorporate Natural products and Cosmeceutical products as well as Aromatherapy, meditation and breathwork.
You will never have the same experience twice, our therapists intuitively customise each part of the facial for you each appointment to suit how you and your skin are showing up that day.

Book in today to experience the bliss!


Terms and Conditions:

-packages valid for 1 year

-not redeemable for cash

-non refundable or transferable


Out of stock