Societe Clear Skin Boosting Pads


Societe Clear Skin Boosting Pads (1box=60 pads)

This powerhouse treatment combines a triple blend of AHA’s ( glycolic, lactic, mandelic) and BHA’s to chemically exfoliate. Societe’s boosting pads lift dead skin cells, overcome blemishes, imperfections, blackheads as well as minimise oily shine.

It includes natural actives to heal and help improve the appearance of acne prone skin while reducing redness associated with breakouts. Great for all skin types especially oily.
Not recommended for Pregnant users.

Directions – Apply evenly over face, avoiding the eye area. Do not rinse. Allow face to dry before applying any additional products. Replace inner lid after each use. Tighten lid after use to prevent pads from drying out. Use daily in Pm.

Key Ingredients – salicylic, lactic, mandelic and glycolic acids