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Simple Time Series (EOFY OFFER- Pack of 3 for price of 2!)


Treatment Description:

Finding it difficult to slow that racing mind? Too busy for a big spa day getaway?
Imagine if you could give yourself a free pass, even if it were just for 45 minutes. Away from any responsibilities.

Rather than simply responding to all the outside stimulus for a while, you can just be, smell, listen and feel.

This 40 minute treatment is your free pass. Time designed to allow you to dip into a slower pace and higher vibration, soothe and calm clenched muscles and allow space for some much needed mental rest.

Designed around the yoga asana of Savasana, you will not be required to flip over, or move a muscle at all.
This treatment incorporates aromatherapy, breathwork, lymphatic drainage massage as well as some meditation techniques designed to rejuvenate your nervous system.

Parts of the body we focus on massaging
~ Scalp
~ Neck
~ Shoulders
~ Feet
~ Calves
~ Hands

In our complex, bustling, demanding world…sometimes all we need is just some Simple Time..



Terms and Conditions:

-packages valid for 1 year

-not redeemable for cash

-non refundable or transferable


Out of stock