I am a complete skin-nerd, passionate about educating people on how they can improve their skin, if they want to. Since joining the industry at 15 spending many years working in some of Melbourne’s top boutique spas and salon, I have learnt that client retention through results is much more gratifying than reaching KPI’s on product sales.

Happiness and confidence is not about what you look like; it’s how you feel. It’s the positive things you do for yourself. The people you surround yourself with.

I’m very blessed to have such a beautiful space, amazing clientele and the power and drive to affect people’s lives in such a positive way!

I was a 14 year old pimple faced tomboy on Roaccutane when I realised I wanted to work on skin. Roaccutane got rid of the acne but I was left with obvious scarring and a self conscious mind, and was determined to fix my own skin and help others do the same. Nowdays I thank my acne, because I never would have entered the industry otherwise!

My mission is to create an inclusive, safe space delivering memorable experiences. I believe in educating about internal and external care so that you can hold the tools to look after your own skin.

After being in the industry for 12 years and working in some of Melbourne’s most awarded boutique salons, I decided to venture out on my own; specialising in Skin, Brows and Tanning.

The Hive Beauty was named after my late dad after opening in 2016. Coming from a long family tree of bee keepers, I had a few too many stings and cries when collecting honey from hives. We all knew I was NEVERRRRRRR going to be in the beekeeping trade. (Soz Dad!) so this was my way of paying homage to my family history.

Lucy, The Hive Beauty

The Hive Beauty
222a Clarendon Street
South Melbourne Victoria
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